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Kahrs Walnut Cocoa – 1-strip Satin Lacquer Finish

Cocoa with a micro bevelled edge is a clean even grade with no/few knots or significant colour variation.

Walnut is a dark, medium hard wood species. The wood is straight grained and patchy. The heartwood is pale brown to dark chocolate in colour. Unlike most wood species, walnut lightens in tone over the years and becomes golden brown. Walnut is a popular choice for furniture, cabinet-making and flooring. Kährs walnut flooring conveys a sense of luxury and cosiness.

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  • Wood species: Walnut
  • Design: 1-strip
  • Refining treatment: Microbevelled 4-sided
  • Grading: City
  • Surface treatment: Satin lacquer
  • Collection: Living Collection
  • Range: Kährs Linnea
  • Joint: Woodloc®
  • Colour change: Changes to golden brown.
  • Brinell value: 5 – 6
  • Dimensions: 7 mm x 118 mm x 1225 mm
  • Package: 12 boards 1.74 m2 12 kg

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