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Junkers Original Black Oak Harmony – Solid Wide Board Plank

Black Oak Plank Harmony has a natural look with an overall black colour with a soft variance of colours within the grain of the wood, lighter tones can be seen along the line of the grain and in the sapwood. Sound medium sized black knots and sound knots to any extent. Knots on edges of boards and knots in clusters. Hairline splits; individual and in groups, sapwood and sapwood streaks and in bark. Minor voids in the surface of the wood. Knots and other features is factory filled with one colour filler.

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  • Wood species: ¬†Oak
  • Type: Solid
  • Design: Plank
  • Grading: Harmony
  • Surface treatment: Available in Ultra Matt Lacquer and Oiled Finish
  • Connection System: T&G Clips
  • Dimensions: 20.5 mm thick and 140 mm wide
  • Package: Random Packs

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