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Prime American Multi-Top Black Walnut

Walnut is a dark, medium hard wood species. The wood is straight grained and patchy. The heartwood is pale brown to dark chocolate in colour. Unlike most wood species, walnut lightens in tone over the years and becomes golden brown. Walnut is a popular choice for furniture, cabinet-making and flooring. Walnut flooring conveys a sense of luxury and cosiness.

The heartwood is a rich dark brown to purplish-black and mostly straight-grained but with a wavy or curly grain present. Walnut provides a stunning, rich and exclusive floor that can be finished to a very high standard.

We manufacture our Engineered and Solid American Black Walnut Flooring in two grades, wide boards in long lengths.

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  • Wood Species: Walnut
  • Type: Multi-top engineered
  • Prime American Black Walnut
  • Some colour variation: possible flashes of lighter coloured timber, expect some knots.
  • Engineered American Black Walnut Flooring:  120mm – 160mm wide,  170mm – 200mm wide, Up to 285mm:p.o.a.
  • Solid American Black Walnut Flooring: 120mm – 160mm wide  m2, 170mm – 200mm wide, Up to 285mm: p.o.a.

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